We get you because we are you.

What We Stand For.

At Luv Health Co., we believe that sexual health and wellness care should be accessible, comprehensive and trusted. Sexual health and wellness should be a focused part of any healthy lifestyle.

At Luv Health Co., we are committed to a community of high standard professionals and the individuals they serve. Our core foundation is trust and it is the focus in everything we do.

Our Lead Team

El Hoffmann, our CEO, wearing a jean jacket and black dress.

El Hoffmann - Orgasmic CEO

El Hoffmann (She/Her), was on her own journey of sexual wellness healing when she founded a non-profit that was focused on, vaginismus. It was through that organization that she realized no matter the sexual issue it all results in the same; shame, confusion and not knowing where to turn to for help. She knew that something had to change and it needed to change in a big way. Luv Health Co., is her driving force to do just that.

Before jumping into the sexual health industry she rode competitively in the equestrian arena as well as sat on various boards within the industry. Having an entrepreneurial and competitive spirit, El is driven to create real change in the world. Her favorite motto is, “breaking shit with rainbows and unicorns.” She enjoys challenging the status quo and pushing topics that are considered taboo.

When she is not working, El enjoys exploring new places with her sidekick Fini, a rescued pitbull, working towards her goals of running a marathon, and experimenting with new vegan recipes in the kitchen.
Dillon Dragomir, our CTO, wearing a floral shirt and chacos in Portland.

Dillon Dragomir - Saucy CTO

Dillon (He/Him) is the multifaceted tech founder of Luv Health Co. He has invaluable experience in roles ranging from DevOps, data engineering, data science, cloud computing and full stack development. Dillon has held prior roles in companies such as Siemens, P&G, Microsoft and consulting for an engineering firm in Cincinnati.

Dillon is driven with passion to help individuals feel empowered to own who they are, both sexually and as a whole person. Building out a trusted space for individuals to access the resources to thrive in their sexuality is the core to his work with Luv Health Co..

When Dillon isn't writing saucy life changing code you can find him throwing spontaneous dance parties and spreading love around the world.
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Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Gonzalez, our medical board member, smiling.

Dr. Gonzalez, MD - Board Member

Dr. Gonzalez (He/Him) owns a private practice in Los Angelos, California providing sexual medicine healing. He is fellowship-trained in Sexual Medicine, a board member of International Society for the Study of Women Sexual Health as well as a member of Sexual Medicine Society of North America and Intl Society for Sexual Medicine. Dr. Gonzalez specializes in the management of male and female sexual dysfunctions. Throughout his career, Dr. Gonzalez has focused on advocating for sexual health and providing improved healthcare to the LGBTQ community
A headshot of Heather, our medical board member.

Heather Jeffcoat DPT - Board Member

Heather (She/Her) is the author of Sex Without Pain: A Self-Treatment Guide To The Sex Life You Deserve and a recognized expert in the field of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. She has most notably been a featured guest on Cosmo, Bustle, ABC Radio, Health, Loveline with Mike and Dr. Drew, PopSugar, and numerous other magazines, websites and television appearances.

Heather received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Duke University and is also a Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the International Pelvic Pain Society. Heather has 3 Los Angeles Offices (Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks and Glendale).