Sexual healthcare made for him.

At Luvo, are on a mission to empower a conversation that’s pretty much non-exsistent. Men are suppose to have sex all figured out. They are not suppose to experience trauma. Men are not suppose to seek help or healing. Men are not supposed to take care of themselves. We are calling bullshit. The people who depend on you and care about you need you to.

To do good, to love good, to support good, you must be good in your sexuality, health, and body.

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Search for vetted sexual wellness experts including physicians, therapists, holistic practioners, sex coaches and more.


Get answers to the hard to ask questions from professionals you can trust. Luvo sexperts are ones you can trust.

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Knowledge is power. Take power over your sexual health and wellness by educating yourself with content you can trust.

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See professional reviews from the community. We understand the barriers men face and Luvo is by yourside.

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Inclusive, Focused and Comprehensive.

Your mental health matters. Luvo understand the stigma around men and emotional health, trauma, and healing. Access highly vetted life and sex therapist from the comfort of your home. No one should heal alone and that includes men.
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Safe, Trusted and Qualified.

ED is not the only thing men can face when it comes to sexual health. Stuggling with sexual wellness issues is uncomfortable to talk about. We get it. Although sexual wellness issues are not “normal” they are extremely common. The little blue pill and other prescriptions should not be the immediate go to for all men’s sexual health needs. Luvo is making it easier for men to access to comprehensive sexual health experts in a shameless way.
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It is believed that men should just “know”. If we were given a playbook for sex wouldn’t that be awesome but unfortunately we are not. A fulfilling and healthy sex life has shown to improve your overall health, creativity, work, relationships and happiness. Access sex coaches and therapist to help you break through barriers that are holding you back from an amazing sex life.

Sex. Let’s talk about it.